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Press release 9/24/20

 Inframark, the new operator for the Lewes Board of Public Works wastewater treatment plant.

The mission of the Lewes Board of Public Works is to provide wastewater treatment that is environmentally safe for our customers and the community.  We installed microfiltration technology that removes particles down to 5 microns, small enough that most bacteria cannot even enter our water.  This technology goes the extra step to protect the environment and exceeds regulatory requirements. 

The Lewes Board of Public Works therefore announces it has hired Inframark  an independent, American-owned company widely recognized as a leader in Water Infrastructure Operations and Infrastructure Management Services. Inframark- previously known as Seven Trent- is returning to the helm of as operator of the Wastewater treatment plant.  They will take over complete operations of the facility on November 1st.

Inframark brings to the table a vast experience in operating microfiltration plants throughout the US. They also bring a professional staff with incredible bench strength. If additional help is needed from outside of the local area, Inframark has its entire US staff to draw from.

The BPW has executed a settlement with White Marsh Environmental Services, (WMES), the present operating company. The settlement with WMES was amicable and has recovered all costs associated with the December permit exceptions at the facility.